Women in (Neuro)Science

Unfortunately enough, there are still not many women in science, especially not in my field, computational neuroscience. I find this a pity! So why is that, and what can we do about it? There has been written much about the biases but also the societal challenges women face when trying to pursue a scientific career (see for instance here, here , here, here or  here ), and how this is made worse by the corona-pandemic (see here, here, here or here). But how is it in practice, and what can we do? Here is just a random collection of stories and ideas that I like.

Stories about women in (neuro)science

How can we get more women in (neuro)science?

  • Use these guidelines
  • Make sure the workshop/conference you’re organising invites women: BiaswatchNeuro
  • Don’t know where to find one? Look here: Anne’s list
  • Or look in this Twitter list 
  • Or these Twitter accounts:
      • @mamacademic
      • @storiesofwin
      • @MinoritySTEM
      • @4womeninscience
      • @WIDS_Worldwide
      • @LNVH_NL
      • @WISSummit
      • @VHTOnl
      • @Halkesetwork

Join NGOs promoting women in science in the Netherlands