After a successful first round, Marijn van Wingerden and amongst others me will organise the second Dutch BrainBee this year, part of the  International BrainBee in the Netherlands.

I co-founded the ‘Little experiments foundation’ (Stichting Proefjes), and was its secretary until 2010. Now I occasionally advise on and edit texts of experiments. Read this article (in Dutch) about the philosophy and how we started.


I designed a track ‘Computational Neuroscience’ in the  BSc program ‘Psychobiologie’ (Psychobiology) at the University of Amsterdam (2014-2016). I still give lectures for different courses in the program.

At NiNa (New Physics) I edited several modules and was a co-author of the ‘Leven en Natuurkunde’ (Life and physics) module. This project rewrote the standard final exam program for secondary schools. Next to writing and editing modules I gave several workshops for both teachers and students (2007-2010).