Information processing in single (barrel cortex) neurons

Excitatory and inhibitory neurons in (barrel) cortex process information very differently. This is both a result of differences in their intrinsic biophysical properties, and of differences in their position in the network (i.e. the network connectivity). To investigate the differences in intrinsic properties and how they are influenced by dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and norepinephrine, Niccolò Calcini, Ate Bijlsma and Xuan Yan used our new method for measuring information transfer in in-vitro experiments. They use the results for the development of both single-neurons and network models, to unravel the roles of inhibitory and excitatory neurons in cortical networks. Eva Koenders, Sam Verhezen, Xenia Sterl, Lauren Keizer, Pedro Alonso Gonzáles and Mark Bensman fitted models to the data, modeled VC experiments and extend the data to microcircuits to investigate how the threshold behaviour of these neurons influences information transfer. 

link to data and paper:

Gigascience data and paper

bioRxiv manuscript about the difference between inhibitory and excitatory neurons

Cosyne abstract about the role of dopamine

New bioRxiv abstract about the role of neuromodulators

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Github analysis tools, Open Source Brain model with axon initial segment, Point neuron fitted to database

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