Academic Presentations

Date Event
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March 16-18, 2020 Conference on subcortico-cortical loops and perception across sensory modalities, Berlin, Germany
November 19th, 2019

BCN Symposium, Groningen

2019 Open Source Brain Workshop, Alghero, Italy: Understanding information transfer in the brain: from single cell to network 
2019 BRAINS Opening Symposium UTwente: Efficient computations in the brain
2019 Leids Analyse Seminar: Efficient computations in the brain
2019 Cosyne, Lisbon (poster): Cell-type specific modulation of information transfer by dopamine
2019 Bits and Brains Seminar: Efficient computations in the brain
2018 Workshop on Biological Network Analysis (organiser)

Foundations of Cognition: Cracking the neural code — some thoughts and ideas from a computational perspective


Bernstein Conference Berlin (poster): Differences in information processing between inhibitory and excitatory neurons of mouse barrel cortex.


A-Eskwadraat symposium Utrecht: “Natuurkunde en neuroscience: de hersenen begrijpen door ze te modelleren” 


SURE symposium Rotterdam: “Understanding the brain by making models” 


Donders Methods Market: Information theory in neuroscience: how to decode neural activity

2018 EITN Paris Workshop on Cortical Codes: Information transfer in inhibitory and excitatory neurons in barrel cortex
2017 SILS CNS Amsterdam Research Day: Estimating internal neural information transfer
2017 Workshop on Methods of Information Theory in Computational Neuroscience (CNS Antwerp): Estimating internal neural information transfer
2016 Big Data Analytics Beijing: A large-scale model of sensorimotor computation